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Please read carefully through the following and then continue with your Enrolment at the bottom of this page.
Enrolment for studies with BMT College - Terms and Conditions

I herewith apply for Admission as a learner to the prestigious Business Management Training College (Pty) Ltd, herein further reffered to as the College or BMT College or BMTC, with the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Prospectus of the College. I submit to all Regulations and Conditions for Admission and accept all Rulings by the Board of the College as final and binding on me.
  2. Admission as a learner is upon invitation only and all Rights are reserved. I undertake to respect the Copyright on all lectures that may include, Interactive CD-Rom, video films, audio lectures and study guides.
  3. I acknowledge and fully understand that I am liable for full repayment of my study fee, irrespective if I complete my studies or not and hereby instruct BMT College to make monthly Debit Order deductions from my bank account as indicated on my completed debit order.
  4. I am aware that the onus is on me to determine beforehand if my employer or prospective employer will recognise my intended studies at BMT College and if the curriculum and qualification is applicable to the work situation for promotion and advancement.
  5. I waver all legal exceptions including non causa debiti, non numerata, pecinia, errore calculi, revision of accounts and no value received.
  6. It is understood that if payments for any month is in default/insufficient funds, the College will levy a default charge of R55 per occasion.
  7. A foreign learner postage levy will be charged on learners accounts from outside South-Africa to the amount of R850.00
  8. Refund policy: The learner will have an opportunity to cancel his/her registration with the College within 14 days of enrolment.
    8.1 No cancellations will be accepted after 14 days of enrolment as study material has been prepared for the learner's studies.
    8.2 The registration fee is non-refundable.
    8.3 In the event that I do not complete my studies or wish to cancel my registration for whatever reason, I am fully aware that I will not be entitled to any refund of study fees or the registration fees applicable from BMT College.
  9. Learner obligations: The learner has an obligation to submit the final assessment within eighteen months from date of commencement and to provide the College with regular payment.
  10. Learners can apply for study extension in writing. The learner's statement will reflect a charge of the registration fee applicable for the programme at the time of such an extension per annum per extension.
  11. Provider obligations: The provider will provide learner support, career guidance and counselling. Further study options will be provided.
  12. Guarantee policy: BMT College guarantees the learner quality assurance on all study material and support by the College within our scope and ability. Should BMT College be unable to deliver stated services, excluding reasonable circumstances, the College will refund the learner the study fee.
  13. Dispatch of Lectures: All modules for the programme are not dispatched together. Modules will be dispatched if:
    13.1a Payments are up to date AND
    13.1b Current Module is completed successfully (pass mark has been received).
    13.2 Module 1 will be dispatched within 21 days after receipt of the full registration fee.
  14. If you have opted for Student or Executive Membership with the Insititute of Business Management, such membership is subject to the terms and conditions of membership as published on the Institute's website at
    14.1 Membership is for a minimum period of one year.
    14.2 Only Student or Executive members of the Institute of Business Management can earn Imali through the BMT College Loyalty Rewards Programme. Participation of the BMT College Loyalty Rewards Programme is subject to the terms and conditions of the BMT College Loyalty Rewards Programme as published on the College's website at
    14.3 One month notice should be given by the Student\Executive Member towards cancellation of Institute membership after the initial minimum period of one year.
  15. The Student acknowledges that he/she takes responsibility for paying the full course fee according to the method of payment selected in the enrolment contract.
  16. The Student agrees that the address provided herein, is his/her domicilium citandi et executandi and undertakes to notify BMT College of any change in address in writing by pre-paid registered post or fax.
  17. I understand that if I am under the age of 18 my parent, custodian or legal guardian should co-sign this document to legalise my enrollment with BMT College.
  18. Declaration and undertaking: I declare that all particulars furnished by me on this form are true and correct and I undertake to comply with the rules regulations and decisions of BMT College and any amendments thereto and have taken note of advise which may be applicable to learners in general and or to the field of study for which I have registered.
  19. The Student acknowledges that this form, by signature thereof, becomes a binding contract.
  20. (i) Registration Fee is included in Full Payment Amount
    (ii) Cheque or Proof of Payment for the Registration Fee must be attached to this
    application or Debit Order option must be completed (Section D)
    (iii) Must have successfully completed the first year of the applicable Diploma at
    Business Management Training College (Pty) Ltd.
    (iv) Payment selection for enrolment of Diploma year one or two as selected in
    Section C
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